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US Loses In Gold Cup Final

Even though it was the backup group, The United States suffered a demoralizing defeat in the Gold Cup final yesterday, losing 5-0 to Mexico. The United States controlled play for the first half, but seemed to get demoralized by Mexico’s first goal, which was the first of five scored in the second half.

The first goal was a bit controversial: Jay Heaps was called for a penalty after taking down Gio dos Santos in the box, but replays showed that dos Santos went down very easily, and hit Heaps in the face to boot.

Although the 5-0 loss is tough to take, there are some things to draw from the Gold Cup: The U.S. exceeded all realistic expectations, taking mostly B-teamers to the Gold Cup and winning with them. This tournament also saw the emergence of Stuart Holden, who in my opinion leapt ahead of Sacha Kljestan in the pecking order, and could be used in a variety of ways in South Africa 2010. Secondly, I have bought in to Bob Bradley. He has showed that in pre-match tactics, he is among the best coaches in the world. As a former Bob Bradley hater, that was an extremely tough sentence to write. He definitely has a long way to go as far as in game changes though. He needs to sub sooner and make necessary formation changes. And last but not least, goalkeeper Tony Perkins emerged and is now probably the 3rd choice keeper for the full national team.

All in all the tournament was good for some players (Holden) to emerge and this should have no bearing on the big World Cup Qualifier in Mexico in August.

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  1. July 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Mexico played a strong game in the second half.

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