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Potential 2016 Host: Tokyo

City: Tokyo, Japan

Population: Estimated at 12,790,000

Has City Hosted: Yes, 1964 Summer Games

Country Last Hosted: 1998 Winter Olympics (Nagano)

Pros: As one of the leading cities in the entire world in terms of culture, commerce, not to mention population, on the surface Tokyo appears to be a great place to host the games. Having the games in Tokyo would mean a revitalization of a part of the city–Tokyo would turn a waterfront area from a landfill into a lush forest area that would serve as the headquarters for equestrian and rowing events. Tokyo is currently building two roads around the city to ease traffic congestion and pours money into it’s public transportation. It also has roughly 17,000 hotel rooms near the proposed Olympic site, providing ample accommodation for spectators. One other main attraction is Tokyo is touting these as the “Green Games” meaning they will try to conduct the games in an environmentally friendly way. For example, the proposed Olympic village would run completely on solar and other renewable energy. Perhaps they can power it by other means.

Cons: While Tokyo’s massive population could prove to be a problem, there are two huge potential stumbling blocks: one is Tokyo’s previous hosting, in 1964. Another is that Beijing just hosted the 2008 games. Having two games in Asia 8 years apart would be extremely rare, not to mention the fact that the vote takes place less than a year after the Beijing games, leaving them fresh in the IOC’s mind. Not to mention that logo is horrible.

Chances: On the surface Japan’s bid appears strong, but the 8 year gap plus the fact that Japan would likely campaign to get baseball and softball back into the games, casts a shadow of doubt in my mind. If it’s based on bid strength only, however, Tokyo should be the city.

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  1. September 1, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    >Not to mention that logo is horrible

    You think so? I think it’s a very good logo. It has meaning in the Japanese culture.
    Please read my post about it:

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