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Kwan Won't Be In Vancouver

It would have been a longshot for Michelle Kwan to win a gold medal in 2010 and fix the only blemish in her figure skating resume as it is, but she announced that she will instead be attending grad school at Tufts University. Kwan has made several trips for the state department recently and hopes that graduate school will advance her career in the field. Four years ago Kwan received a medical bye into the 2006 Torino Games, but had to pull out due to injury anyways. After a four year layoff Kwan probably wouldn’t have won a gold medal, and would have trouble even making the US team given the potential of some of the young skaters. Americans are ranked 8th 9th and 10th in the icenetwork.com rankings and it’s tough to imagine Kwan as a top 10 skater right now.

The 29 year old will end her skating career with a silver in Nagano, a bronze in Salt Lake City and five world championships. Kwan also won 9 US titles, one more than Dorothy Hammill and Peggy Flemming combined. Although she will ultimately miss out on Olympic gold, she has plenty of good things in front of her. All the best.

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  2. September 22, 2009 at 7:13 am


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