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Track And Field Wrapup

I would have loved to have posted regularly throughout the Track and Field World Championships, but sadly I was without internet access for much of it. So a quick wrapup should suffice, right? For more, you can go here.

The United States won both the most gold medals (10) and overall medals (22) at the Worlds. Allyson Felix was amazing in the 200 meters, Sonya Richards finally broke through with a gold in the 400, and LaShawn Merritt won the gold in the mens 400, completing an impressive Olympics-worlds double.

Obviously Usain Bolt stole the show in the 100 meter dash, but let’s not overlook Tyson Gay, who now is the second fastest person ever after running an American record 9.71. If Bolt ever has an off day, which admittedly doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon, Gay will be right there to win.

According to Alan Abrahamson, Shannon Rowbury won the first American medal in the 1500 in 10 years, and  Nick Symmonds was our first mens 800 finalist since 1997. Getting more and more Americans into the finals of these events will mean getting American medalists in these events, which should help offset the loss of medals in the sprints to Jamaican runners.

And hey, there’s always the 4X400 relay if we need a gold.

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