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Closing Ceremonies Open (Closed?) Thread

February 28, 2010 12 comments

Time to say goodbye

Well here it is folks. The last day of coverage from Vancouver. Coming up there will be a look back at the best moments of the games on NBC, and then after that we’ll see the Closing Ceremonies, also on NBC.

I really don’t have it in me right now to sum up the games in a couple paragraphs, so feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments.

I do want to say, however, that the past 2 weeks have been a blast for me, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. All the pageviews and all the comments were so amazing to me. When I first started the blog I just did it because the Olympics are my favorite sporting event out there, and I never expected that it would grow like it did. So once again thank you guys and keep stopping by, as I will definitely keep on posting after the games. Read more…

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Day 17 Open Thread

February 28, 2010 17 comments

Today we take a look back at the last 17 days of competition from Vancouver

Last night’s awards:

1. To Kevin Martin, who erased 8 years of curling pain to win the Gold medal he wanted so dearly

2. To Kikkan Randall, who had perhaps the best showing ever for a US Olympian in cross country.

3. To the United States 4 man bobsled crew, who won the US’s first Gold since 1948.

Today is the men’s 50k cross country race, perhaps the most important race in the cross country program. Look for Peter Northug to make a charge for Gold.

But of course the event you are all waiting for is the Gold medal hockey game, featuring Canada and the United States. The US goes for their first gold since the Miracle on Ice in 1980, and they do it 50 years to the day that they won their first Gold, the 1960 games of Squaw Valley.

See you in the comments. Read more…

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Night 16 Open Thread

February 27, 2010 14 comments

Will the USA's famed "Night Train" bobsled take Gold?

Welcome to the final night of competition in Vancouver.

Tonight the last two runs of the bobsled competition. Coming into the final day, Steven Holcomb of the United States, the defending World Champion, held a slim lead. The United States is trying to win its first four-man gold since 1948.

If stressful competition isn’t your thing, the figure skating gala is tonight, featuring daring moves from the best skaters at these Olympic games.

Bode Miller makes his final run at Gold, and Chad Hedrick leads the American speedskaters for possible team pursuit Gold.

At 10:30/9:30, Slovakia and Finland square off for the Bronze medal in men’s hockey.

See you in the comments. Read more…

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Day 16 Open Thread

February 27, 2010 17 comments

The pants go for curling Gold against Kevin Martin and Canada

Welcome to the final day of full competition from Vancouver. Before we get to today’s action, my awards from last night:

Bronze – The US men’s hockey team, who defeated Finland and advanced to the gold medal game on Sunday.

Silver – To the women’s speedskating team pursuit. They defeated Canada in the quarterfinals and could get an unexpected medal, as the Canadians were the overwhelming favorites.

Gold – To the US men’s speedskating team pursuit. In the semis they pulled an even bigger upset, defeating the Dutch, who had Gold medalist Mark Tuitert and Sven Kramer, who is perhaps the best skater in the world. They go for Gold today against Canada.

Right now on USA is the Bronze medal curling match. Switzerland currently leads Sweden 1-0 after 1. Here is the other action:

NBC (1/12): Women’s speedskating team pursuit bronze and gold medal matches. There is also snowboarding and cross country skiing.

CNBC (6/5): The men’s Gold medal curling match, featuring Norway and Canada. Read more…

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Night 15 Open Thread

February 26, 2010 8 comments

It's fast, exciting and (these Olympics) dangerous. It's the 4 man bobsled.

Night 15 at the Olympic Games sees a pair of American stars in their last shots at Gold. Lindsey Vonn skis in the slalom and Apolo Ohno has the 500m and the relay.

And the 4 man bobsled finishes up its runs with the favorite Germans and World Champion Americans in good positions for medals.

Over on CNBC the women’s Gold medal curling match is taking place. Defending champion Sweden leads Canada 4-3 in the 7th.

After the curling match Slovakia faces Canada in men’s hockey, with the winner advancing to the Gold medal game to take on the United States.

See you in the comments. Read more…

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Day 15 Open Thread

February 26, 2010 29 comments

Hello friends, Jim Nantz Fetch here as we embark on our 3rd to last day from Vancouver. Last night had too many great performances for just a Gold, Silver and Bronze, so here’s my top 5.

Joanie Rochette: even as much as I think she probably shouldn’t have gotten a medal, the fact that she went out there and skated as well as she did was amazing, and commendable.

Kim Yu-Na: for posting one of the best performances, regardless of sport, that I have ever seen. It was the type of performance that you will be able to tell your kids about. Maybe our generation’s Franz Klammer.

Mirai Nagasu and Rachael Flatt: The odds were against them both, but Flatt skated extremely well, even though she had the disadvantage of going first, and Nagasu had to follow Rochette’s program, and she did so with the best one she has ever done. That is how you respond to pressure. She should be a Gold medal contender, if not favorite, in 2014.

Finally, to the American men’s nordic combined team: They came into these Olympics with ZERO medals in the sport. This Olympics they have 4 (3 silvers, 1 Gold). And we have just recently begun pumping money into the sport. Perhaps the US will be a force in years to come. Now if we can just get some money for cross-country, biathlon, and the sliding sports.

One wag of the finger (sorry, Colbert) to the IOC however: So the Canadian women’s hockey team celebrated with beer, cigars and champagne. So the girl who scored both goals is a year underage. I understand that it is illegal, but for one I doubt she knew (it is a loooong way from Quebec to British Columbia) and it is the FREAKING OLYMPICS! The IOC doesn’t want to know what I would do if I ever won a Gold medal.

Now that that rant us out of the way, here is what’s on tap this afternoon:

USA Network (Right now): China-Switzerland in the bronze medal match for women’s curling

MSNBC (3:30/2:30): Speedskating team pursuit.

NBC (3/2): USA-Finland men’s hockey semifinal

CNBC (6/5): Canada-Sweden in the Gold medal match for women’s curling Read more…

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Anze Kopitar: American?

February 26, 2010 1 comment

One last post for the night:

I am going to actually try to play journalist and confirm this, but the hot word on the street is that LA Kings forward Anze Kopitar will look to pursue United States citizenship so he can play for us in 2014 in Sochi.

Looks like teammates Jack Johnson and Jon Quick are good influences.

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