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Day 3 Recap

Alexandre Bilodeau is the first Canadian to win gold in a home Olympics

Day 3 at the Olympics saw yet more memorable moments. In the most notable of them, moguls skiier Alexandre Bilodeau of Quebec won Canada’s first medal ever in an Olympics contested on home soil. The 22 year old clocked in at a time of 23.17. Dale Begg-Smith, the defending Gold medalist who was born in Vancouver but competes for Australia, took the Silver and Montanan Bryon Wilson won the Bronze.

Bilodeau took his inspiration from his 28 year old brother Frederic, who is stricken with cerebral palsy. It’s tough to imagine a better way for Canada to win its first gold on home soil.

Americans also made history yesterday as Johnny Spillane took home the country’s first ever medal in nordic combined, with a Silver medal finish on the normal hill competition. Jason Lamy Chappuis, a Montana native competing for France, edged him for Gold in the closest race ever. American Todd Lodwick missed a Bronze by .7 seconds. Still, with the Americans’ showing, they appear to be strong contenders for Gold in the team competition.

The Luge competition, which had been overshadowed by the death of a Georgian athlete, awarded its medals yesterday. German Felix Loch led nearly wire to wire and became the sport’s youngest Gold medal winner at 20 years old.

In hockey, the United States women’s team routed China 12-1. Jenny Potter had her first career Olympic hat trick.

In speed skating, Martina Sablikova won the 3000 meter race with a time of 4 minutes, 2.53 seconds to give the Czech Republic its first ever speedskating Gold. Canadian Kristina Groves won the Bronze.

The United States leads the medal count again with 5. Germany is next with 4. France has three, and Korea, Italy and Canada are tied with two. France is the only country with multiple Golds as of now.

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