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Denver May Try To Right 1976 Wrong And Bid For 2022 Games

Denver won the rights to the 1976 Winter games, but in 1972 the public decided to not devote public funds to the games, which resulted in the IOC moving the games to Innsbruck. Now almost 50 years later Denver might want a re-do:

the first meeting Saturday of a committee exploring a new Olympic bid. The group of Colorado business, health care, tourism and political leaders will consider whether Denver should bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Although competing cities will probably try to remind the IOC of the calamity caused by Denver in the 70s, there is only one remaining member from those days, so many of those concerns should be long gone.

The time might be ripe for an American games as well: it has been since 2002 since the United States hosted an Olympic games, which would be 9 games between visits to America. It would also be four games in between Winter Games in America. The longest stretch is five, but that includes when the Olympic calendar was switched, alternating the winter and summer games to every two years, which forced winter games in both 1992 and 1994. That, plus how well run the Salt Lake City games were (absent the bribery scandal) would probably make Denver the favorite in 2022.

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