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United States’ Biggest Medal Gains, Drops From Beijing To London

August 14, 2012 Leave a comment

When competition in London was over the United States had won the overall medal count for the fifth straight time and with 46 golds took back the overall golds total from China, who had won it as the hosts in 2008. It was the most medals ever for the United States in a foreign games. Golds wise, the key for the United States from Beijing to London was consistency: already a strong team across the board, the U.S. was able to maintain that level over the course of the four years and their two biggest medal winners, swimming and track, saw improvements. In fact, the swimming team led the United States with a +4 margin:

Gold Medal Increase

Swimming (+4)

Track & Field (+2)

Tennis (+2)

Boxing, Diving, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, Water Polo, Wrestling (+1) Read more…


Can Missy Franklin Catch Michael Phelps?

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Assuming Michael Phelps doesn’t race in Rio, he will end his Olympic career with 22 medals. His 18 golds will surely not be caught until I and everyone reading this are long gone, if ever. But it is possible that 22 medals could be caught by an athlete who starts young enough, wins young enough, and has as many opportunities to win a medal as swimmers have.

Enter Missy Franklin. The 17 year old won 5 medals in London (4 golds) and narrowly missed out on two others, placing 4th and 5th in her other two events. Franklin has one major disadvantage in the chase to 22: her program is limited to two strokes, the backstroke and the freestyle, thus limiting the total medals available. Of course, seeing how Ryan Lochte broke down under the challenge of swimming such a daunting program, perhaps it is best for Franklin to pick and choose her spots. Besides, if she keeps her same program that gives her a shot at 7 medals per Olympics.

Considering she finished 6th in the 100 freestyle by a long margin she may want to ditch that (then again, at the 2011 Worlds she swam the second fastest split in the 4×100 relay). She also swam the fastest freestyle leg of the medley relay at the 2011 Worlds. And though she finished 5th in London in the 200 free her relay split at the 2011 Worlds would have won the 200m gold medal there. There’s obviously a lot of difference between a relay split and individual race, but the talent for medals are there.

In 4 years, Franklin will be 21. I am confident in saying she will medal in both backstrokes, the medley relay and the 4×200 relay for sure. As for the other events, let’s investigate further: Read more…

200 Days To Go!

January 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, technically it’s 199 now, but yesterday London marked it being 200 days until the 2012 Summer Games with a cabinet meeting at Olympic Park. Prime Minister David Cameron noted that both the Aquatics Center (or, Centre) and Handball Court will be owned beyond the Olympics thanks to new ownership agreements.

Chief Organizer Sebastien Coe noted that there was still some work to be done on the overall atmosphere, noting that he “never wanted an athlete telling me that he did not make a final because the Olympic Village did not create the right atmosphere, or he did not get the right service or the transport did not work.”

When the Opening Ceremonies commence on July 27th London will be the first city to host the Olympics three times.

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Kurt Angle Wants To Make a Comeback

January 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Kurt Angle, who is probably best known for his exploits in the WWF, wants to make a comeback to real wrestling. That’s right: the 43 year old is going to attempt to make the 2012 US Olympic team. Angle is actually an incredibly accomplished wrestler, winning the heavyweight division of the freestyle wrestling event at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Angle also has numerous other wrestling exploits, winning a Junior World Championship, an NCAA national championship and the 1995 World Championship.

The United States had one medal winner, a bronze from Adam Wheeler, but that was in Greco Roman wrestling. Angle will be attempting to make the team in freestyle, where no American finished in the top 18 in 2008. He’ll have to win the qualifying event in April in Iowa City to make it, but he seems optimistic about doing just that.

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Instead of Synchronized Swimming, You Get To See Usain Bolt!

January 5, 2012 1 comment

In an awesome gaffe, London organizers accidentally oversold tickets to the Synchronized Swimming competition to the tune of, oh, 10,000 tickets. I am assuming this means they sold a total of 10,010 tickets, but I digress. (the actual mistake was about twice more than should have been sold). So instead, they’ll get upgrades to events they previously applied for but were unsuccessful:

The alternate tickets will come from the pot of 1 million for all events that are to go on sale in May once the seating configuration has been finalized at all venues.

Some ticket buyers took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal their delight at the administrative blunder.

“Just exchanged our Olympics synchronized swimming tix for men’s & women’s medley finals & freestyle finals,” London-based author Stella Duffy tweeted. “Sorry synchros, but woo hoo!”

About 200 more people will get to see the 100m dash final, which, given that it lasts under 10 seconds, doesn’t seem like a major upgrade, but what do I know.

This isn’t the first ticket snafu, as in July 2011 around 700 people were charged twice for tickets they had purchased.

West Ham Wins 2012 Olympic Stadium Bid

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

The OPLC (Olympic Park Legacy Company), in a bit of  a shocker (to me at least) has decided that their favored bid for the 2012 Olympic Stadium is that of West Ham, instead of Tottenham.

The main selling point seems to be that West Ham will keep the track and allow the stadium to host both track and field events as well as other sports and entertainment events as well after the 2012 Olympics are over.

Apparently Tottenham were going to take down the stadium and build a new one to house their soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur, after the games. That seemed to be a sticking point, as a BBC poll found that 81% of the Londoners were in favor of keeping the track.

For more read the BBC’s report

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Canadians Dominate Skicross

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Canadian’s took half of the medals at the skiicross World Championships today, including both golds, as the Freestyle Skiing Worlds have hit their midway point. Kelsey Serwa won the gold on the women’s side, just a week after taking X Games gold. Serwa spent much of the time in between the X Games and the World Championships getting treatment for a back injury she suffered when she crashed going across the finish line. Serwa finished in 5th at the 2010 Olympics. Fellow Canadian Julia Murray finished 2nd and Anna Holmund of Sweden won the bronze.

Chris DelBosco, who was born in Colorado and holds dual citizenship, won a gold for his adopted homeland after finishing 4th in this event at the 2010 Olympics. He was the fastest qualifier in that portion of the event, then breezed to an easy win in the quarters and 2nd in the semis before needing a daring pass to win gold. It is his first major victory. Jouni Pellinen of Finland finished 2nd and Andreas Matt of Austria was third.

No American woman advanced out of the time trials, while the highest American man was John Teller, who finished 5th. This was the first  event in which neither an American man or woman medaled, and the only events other than men’s moguls in which no American medaled.

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