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Jessica Hardy Breaks World Record

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

The World Cup has started out well for American Jessica Hardy, as she broke her own world record in the 50M breaststroke. She clocked in with a time of 28.96.

Interestingly, Hardy could have this world record taken away from her. She is just returning from a one year ban for taking a performance enhancing supplement. She had mixed a powdered supplement called Arginine Extreme. Since it was a contaminated supplements, she only had to serve a one year ban. However, FINA is arguing that it should be a two year ban, and if they win she will be stripped of her world record.

Still, Hardy’s World Record is impressive no matter the outcome. To go under 29 seconds in the 50 probably won’t happen once we get back to the old suits, at least not for awhile.

Oh yeah, one more impressive note about Hardy’s record: she did it with a torn suit.

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