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Night One Coverage

February 13, 2010 73 comments

After tonight, Apolo Ohno could be the most decorated US Winter Olympian ever

Welcome to the first night of coverage here from Vancouver. Tonight Apolo Ohno goes for a medal in the 1500 meters, women’s moguls debuts, and the dangerous mens luge competition gets underway. Also taking place right now on CNBC Canada’s women’s hockey team is up 3-0 on Slovakia

7:24 – Apolo Phno was stuck in the back, and he just passed everyone and blew straight to the front. Way to send a message.

7:27 – A story I hadn’t heard until now: Haralds Silovs of Latvia is the first person ever to race in long track and short track in the same Olympics.

7:30 – Not quite sure what happened on that crash, but it looked like the French guy interfered with the Dutch skater. In a shocking upset, the French guy didn’t hold up a white flag immediately after.

7:31 – Hockey check. It’s 6-0 Canada now. Obviously they’re one of the best two teams in the tournament, but Slovakia isn’t much resistance. Puts a nice message into Team USA’s head though.

7:35 – One thing I like that I’m sure no one else does: the fluff pieces.

7:41 – Canada/Slovakia ends the first period with Canada up 7-0

7:42 – Canadian fans with “Heil” signs for Jenn Heil. Kind of an unfortunate coincidence.

7:44 – This girl’s cute. She’s also 17. Fair enough.

7:48 – Heil with a great run. Into 1st place.

7:55 – Hannah Kearney with an absolute sick run to go into first place

8:03 – Montana native Heather McPhee, in her first Olympics, posts one of the fastest times. Not a bad first jump, good middle section, and a great second jump.

8:04 – She’s into 3rd and will qualify for the medal round.

8:07 – The Americans qualify 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th.

8:08 – One reason why I don’t want ABC/ESPN to get the games: NBC’s music is awesome. Sorry, west coasters.

8:16 – Apolo Ohno has fourĀ  2 hour workouts per day? What the hell?

8:23 – Olympic torch lighter Steve Nash just won the skills competition at the NBA All-Star game

8:28 – The guy doing color sort of sounds like Todd McShay to me

8:30 – Ohno with a little push on the South Korean guy. Might be DQed but doesn’t look like a big deal.

8:37 – And Olivier crashes! The Canada home soil curse lives.

8:40 – I’m passing this comment from Mole along. Just epic: “The patented Korean pass = passing me in a Daewoo without using turn signals.”

8:41 – They just showed video of JR Celski’s crash. I could go without seeing that for the rest of my life.

8:58 – Yeah I’m moving to British Columbia when I grow up. Most beautiful place on Earth.

8:59 – And the luge has started. American Chris Mazdzer leads it off. 48 seconds or so. Not bad.

9:05 – American Tony Benshoof into 2nd.

9:05 – As a refresher, my medal picks:

Gold – Albert Demchenko, Russia

Silver – Felix Loch, Germany (currently in 2nd)

Bronze – Armin Zoeggler, Italy

9:14 – Well, Canada won their opener 18-0. Not bad.

9:20 – Bengt Walden of the US hits the barrier, but makes it across safely and in 13th place.

9:26 – And it’s Apolo Ohno time.

9:29 – Really, there is a B final? How stupid.

9:37 – What a sick race. Two Koreans knock themselves out and it allows Americans Apolo Ohno and JR Celskie to medal.

9:42 – So Ohno ties Bonnie Blair for most medals by a US Winter Olympian, and has a chance to pass her later. Also watch out for JR Celskie in coming years. He probably has two olympics left and will be a star.

9:45 – Not to steal all my commentary from Moleman, but short track really is the vice presidency of sports: You’re one catastrophe away from the top.

9:47 – I believe I just set my record for views in one day, so thanks everyone.

9:57 – Back to the moguls. 8 Left.

10:06 – Michelle Roark crashes, will likely finish last. Right after her, Shannon Bahrke knocks one out of the park and she is your new leader.

10:21 – Jenn Heil is in first with just one skiier to go. She could be the first Canadian to win gold on her home soil.

10:24 – Holy shit. Hannah with a huuuuuuge run to win gold and steal one from Canada!

10:46 – I’ll probably just do some sparse updates in the comments since NBC has switched back to tape delay. Thanks for joining me tonight, see you tomorrow.

At the end of Day 1, the United States leads the medal count with four. One gold.