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Opening Ceremonies Liveblog

February 12, 2010 61 comments

OK it’s more of a semi live blog because I don’t know how much I’ll be on my computer while the Opening Ceremonies will be going on, but stop by and add whatever you want in the comments. I’ll be adding stuff within the post if anything cool happens.

Minor news of the day: according to the phenomenal moleman, Bozeman, Montana could be bidding for the 2022 Winter Games.

7:oo – Yeah this opening presentation from NBC is fucking awesome.

7:05 – Shaun White getting interviewed by Chris Collinsworth. He seems pretty relaxed.

7:08 – Dan Patrick just interviewed Jack Johnson, the only hockey player there.

7:13 – Lindsey Vonn’s first event won’t take place until Monday at the earliest, so good news for her, her shin, and her country.

7:20 – There were some worries that Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto wouldn’t make it in time, but they have arrived. Belbin looks gorgeous, as usual.

7:23 – Yep I’m buying one of the stocking hats they’re wearing.

7:33 – Apolo Ohno being interviewed right now. Ohno learned how to skate in Vancouver, so this should be interesting for him. He has a chance to be the most decorated American winter olympian ever.

7:37 – Here’s an interesting fact: the ceremonies start at 5:42 local time. The 42nd parallel was supposed to be the US-Canada border.

7:44 – OK maybe they won’t start then. Also, I will not be commenting on the We Are The World video. Except for this comment of course.

7:50 – OK nevermind. I have to. That was a fucking abortion.

7:56 – Another one of my faves, Gretchen Bleiler

8:00 – They’re naming all the past Winter Olympics sites. Very cool.

8:09 – Added bonus of it being in Canada: You only have to say everything twice (official language, host country) rather than three times (official language, host country, English)

8:15 – Some native tribes of Canada welcoming the crowd. Awesome.

8:23 – Costas says Andorra made an Olympic bid. That would have been awesome. Andorra can almost fit inside the city I’m in right now.

8:27 – The entire Bermuda team, one cross country skiier, wearing Bermuda shorts.

8:37 – The Georgia team is coming up. Should be emotional.

8:39 – Standing ovation for them. Very cool.

844 – Wow Iceland has never won a winter medal. They need Wolf the Dentist Stansson to coach their team.

8:50 – Excellent uniform from Kazakhstan. The flagbearer at least.

8:57 – Big time fan of the Montenegro coats. Too bad there’s no water polo so they could win a medal

8:59 – I am almost 100% Norwegian. Winter Olympics are a good 2 weeks for my people.

9:01 – Yeah, there’s no way Russia is winning 40 medals. Or topping the medal count.

9:08 – Obviously the Swedish ladies are attractive.

9:11 – Here come the United States

9:13 – States get a standing ovation. Mildly surprising.

9:19 – Canada gets, of course, a raucous ovation. It was semi reserved however, true to Canadian form.

9:27 – Some culture stuff coming up.

9:30 – Started off slow, but getting cooler

9:34 – Excellent work with the whales. I am sure Sportsgal feels like an idiot right now.

10:04 – Not a huge fan of the wheat field kid. This Rockies thing looks cool though. Shaun White is a fan.

10:58 – Waiting for the cauldron. Nash, Gretzky, and two others lighting the torch.

11:01 – Well, sort of an inauspicious start, but something tells me the rest of the games will be much much better.

Thanks for joining me everyone, and just so you know there will be recaps everyday and semi-live blogging everynight of the Games.