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Day One Coverage

February 13, 2010 15 comments

It’s finally here. Today’s coverage kicks off with ski-jumping, women’s hockey (including defending gold medalist Canada) among other sports. Stop by at 1 PM Central time to kick off our coverage of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Update on the death of the Georgian luger: The men will now start from the same place as the women start from.

1:32 – Two of the three Americans have gone. Neither was very impressive. Shani Davis and the rest of the 5000m field comes up in roughly a half hour.

1:37 – Nice flashback to Eddie the Eagle. He was both terrible and awesome.

1:41 – Just had to unfollow the NBC account on Twitter because they told me who won the gold in this event

2:05 – Speed skating coming up next. Let’s see if Shani Davis can pull off an upset.

To rehash from my medal predictions, I have Italy’s Enrico Fabris winning gold, with a pair of Dutchmen, Sven Kramer and Bob de Jong, taking silver and bronze.

2:12 Trevor Marsicano looks like a future star in the 5000. Probably won’t medal today though.

2:15 – Dan Jansen says this seems like slow ice. I’m no speedskating expert, but I concur.

2:24 – Gretzky with a classy interview, per usual.

2:30 – Sweden and Switzerland are underway in women’s hockey over on CNBC. 1-0 Sweden early

2:41 – 1-0 Sweden after one. Switzerland let in a bit of a soft goal, but have been surprisingly playing with the Swedes other than that.

2:59 – You probably already knew, but they just showed it on NBC. Simon Ammann with the ski-jumping gold. And I predicted it!

3:06 – Tina Enstrom scores to make it 2-0 Sweden. Terrible defense there by Switzerland.

3:13 – If you’re watching NBC right now, you know how crazy the Netherlands are about speed skating

3:23 – Sven Kramer coming up. He, Fabris, de Jong and Hedrick all coming up soon.

3:31 – Canada’s Makowsky officially pushes Marsciano out of the medals. Shani Davis and Sven Kramer up next.

3:40 – Women’s hockey update: Sweden up 3-0 on Switzerland now. Davis-Kramer next.

3:48 – The Frenchman Cotin looks like he will take over the lead, and could have a shot for a medal. Probably just outside though. Norway’s Christiansen in 2nd.

3:52 – Both Shani and Sven are doing great.

3:54 – Davis starting to fade, could be conserving some energy for his better races.

3:58 – Sven Kramer slips a bit coming towards the line, but sets an Olympic Record. Davis will not medal

4:07 – Lee and de Jong are now in 2nd and 3rd. 2 Pairs left, including one with defending gold medalist Chad Hedrick.

4:16 – Skobev into 3rd. Hedrick, the last shot to knock out Kramer, is next.

4:18 – Nice work with the ladies, Chad Hedrick

4:21 – Neither Bokko or Hedrick are going to do anything here. Kramer looks nervous, but I think he’s going to do it.

4:24 – Silver 4 years ago, 3 World All Around titles, now an Olympic gold medal. Congrats to Sven Kramer.

4:34 – Alright, folks I am going to take a break. Join me again at 7 PM central time to kick off night 1 of coverage from Vancouver.


Ski Jumpers Denied

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The British Columbia court of appeals ruled in favor of the IOC that women’s ski jumpers can’t compete in the Olympics. The women will appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, but with about 3 months to go until the games, it is unlikely that they will be able to compete this Olympics.

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Women's Ski Jumping Decision Expected

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Roughly a dozen current and former women’s ski jumpers are in Canadian court this week as they have one last gasp to get women’s ski jumping into the 2010 Olympics. The British Columbia appeals court will meet at 10 AM local time this morning to get a final determination on whether or not women will be allowed in Vancouver. The attorney for the women’s ski jumpers, Ross Clark, says the IOC is engaging in gender discrimination, and by doing so is forcing VANOC to do the same.

Deborah Folka, who works in PR in Vancouver, said that this won’t be over until the women ski jumpers are included in the Olympics, adding that they can still appeal to the Canadian Supreme Court.

Also helping their cause will be the throngs of media out to cover the event.

“Most of the networks in the U.S. and Canada will be covering the appeal — we have everyone from the BBC to Al Jazzera.”

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