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Can Missy Franklin Catch Michael Phelps?

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Assuming Michael Phelps doesn’t race in Rio, he will end his Olympic career with 22 medals. His 18 golds will surely not be caught until I and everyone reading this are long gone, if ever. But it is possible that 22 medals could be caught by an athlete who starts young enough, wins young enough, and has as many opportunities to win a medal as swimmers have.

Enter Missy Franklin. The 17 year old won 5 medals in London (4 golds) and narrowly missed out on two others, placing 4th and 5th in her other two events. Franklin has one major disadvantage in the chase to 22: her program is limited to two strokes, the backstroke and the freestyle, thus limiting the total medals available. Of course, seeing how Ryan Lochte broke down under the challenge of swimming such a daunting program, perhaps it is best for Franklin to pick and choose her spots. Besides, if she keeps her same program that gives her a shot at 7 medals per Olympics.

Considering she finished 6th in the 100 freestyle by a long margin she may want to ditch that (then again, at the 2011 Worlds she swam the second fastest split in the 4×100 relay). She also swam the fastest freestyle leg of the medley relay at the 2011 Worlds. And though she finished 5th in London in the 200 free her relay split at the 2011 Worlds would have won the 200m gold medal there. There’s obviously a lot of difference between a relay split and individual race, but the talent for medals are there.

In 4 years, Franklin will be 21. I am confident in saying she will medal in both backstrokes, the medley relay and the 4×200 relay for sure. As for the other events, let’s investigate further: Read more…


Instead of Synchronized Swimming, You Get To See Usain Bolt!

January 5, 2012 1 comment

In an awesome gaffe, London organizers accidentally oversold tickets to the Synchronized Swimming competition to the tune of, oh, 10,000 tickets. I am assuming this means they sold a total of 10,010 tickets, but I digress. (the actual mistake was about twice more than should have been sold). So instead, they’ll get upgrades to events they previously applied for but were unsuccessful:

The alternate tickets will come from the pot of 1 million for all events that are to go on sale in May once the seating configuration has been finalized at all venues.

Some ticket buyers took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal their delight at the administrative blunder.

“Just exchanged our Olympics synchronized swimming tix for men’s & women’s medley finals & freestyle finals,” London-based author Stella Duffy tweeted. “Sorry synchros, but woo hoo!”

About 200 more people will get to see the 100m dash final, which, given that it lasts under 10 seconds, doesn’t seem like a major upgrade, but what do I know.

This isn’t the first ticket snafu, as in July 2011 around 700 people were charged twice for tickets they had purchased.

Ian Thorpe Coming Out of Retirement

February 2, 2011 1 comment

The Thorpedo, now 28, is making a bid to swim in one more Olympics. He will try to compete in next year’s London Olympics. Thorpe says he will focus on the 100 and 200 meter freestyle events, and he added that he will emphasize the 100m

Thorpe has 9 career Olympic medals, 5 of them gold, and set a world record in the 400m freestyle event in the 2000 Sydney Olympics when he was just 17. In the 2004 Games he set an Olympic record in the 200m freestyle, outtouching Pieter van den Hoogenband and a certain Michael Phelps to win gold.

It’s 18 months until the London Olympics, but Thorpe has just 14 before the Australian Olympic Trials.

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Lochte, U.S. Dominate Pan-Pacs

August 22, 2010 Leave a comment

With Michael Phelps dropping out of the 200 IM to focus on the medley relay, Ryan Lochte was the presumed favorite. Truthfully though, even if Phelps had competed Lochte would have cruised to yet another gold. He almost set the world record (which he owns), swimming a 1:54.43 to set the Pan Pacs record, set by Phelps four years ago. For his exploits, Lochte was named the swimmer of the meet and while Phelps still has the higher ceiling, there is no doubt that Lochte is the best swimmer in the world at the moment. The Worlds in Shanghai next year will probably provide a better measuring stick as to which American is truly the best, but if you’re a sports fan at all the 2012 Olympic swimming events will be must see TV.

As mentioned before, Phelps dropped out of the 200 IM to focus on the medley relay, and thankfully so as the US had to comeback to beat Japan. Aaron Piersol (backstroke) and Mark Gangloff (breaststroke) had the US in contention after the first half, but Phelps (butterfly) overtook Masayuki Kishida on the second half of his leg and gave Nathan Adrian (freestyle) a lead he wouldn’t relinquish.

Speaking of Adrian, he swept the freestyle sprints, winning the 50m with a time of 21.55 seconds. Brazil’s Caesar Cielo Filho finished second and, for now, will have to relinquish his title as fastest man in the pool.

The American men and women swept all the relays.

While this isn’t a huge meet, it was a dominant one for US Swimming and a celebration is in order. So how is the best swimmer on Earth celebrating?

Vegas of course

Lochte Wins 400 IM at Pan-Pacs

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

It was a night to remember for US swimming as a whole, but Ryan Lochte shone brightest as he won the 400 IM with a very impressive 4:07.59 time that saw him be under the world record pace for much of the race. Fellow American Tyler Clary finished 2nd, but surprisingly Michael Phelps didn’t even qualify for the final. This was because of a rule that states a country can have a maximum of two swimmers in the final. Phelps’s prelim time was 4th fastest, but both Lochte and Clary were faster.

In the 100m freestyle, Nathan Adrian set a Pan Pacs record, while Rebecca Soni swam the 3rd fastest time ever in the women’s 100m breaststroke.

Natalie Coughlin won her third consecutive 100m freestyle in the Pan Pacs, and both the mens and women’s 4X200 freestyle relay teams set Pan Pacs records.

Ryan Lochte: The Most Overshadowed Athlete on Earth

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Ryan Lochte is easily the 2nd best all around swimmer on the planet. He has multiple NCAA, Olympic and World titles. Unfortunately for him, because of some Phelps guy he is routinely overshadowed in the pool.

But perhaps not for much longer.

At the 2009 World Championships in Rome, Lochte won the 200 and 400 IMs. In the 200 IM, Lochte narrowly bested Phelps’s world record in the event. For those golds, plus a gold in the 4X200m freestyle relay and a bronze in the 200m backstroke, Lochte was named swimmer of the meet.

Lochte continued his hot swimming at the recently competed USA National Championships, where he won the 400 IM by nearly 5 seconds over 2nd place Tyler Clary, was just outtouched in the 200m freestyle by Phelps (whose time was the best in the world in 2010), was just outtouched in the 100m freestyle (where he beat 100m specialists Jason Lezak and Garret Weber-Gale), beat Phelps by over a second in the 200 IM, and beat Aaron Piersol in the 200m backstroke finals.

While Phelps admitted he isn’t in great shape yet (and still won 3 events), Lochte is poised to be a multiple gold medalist in 2012, and will most certainly shed the most overshadowed athlete on the planet label.

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Swimming Nationals Day 1 and 2 Updates

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

2008 Gold medalist Peirsol didn't have as much luck last night

Michael Phelps made a triumphant return to the pool, but a 2008 Olympic Gold medalist had problems at the USA Nationals.

Less than two months after some questions arose about Phelps’s recent form the best swimmer in the world clocked in a 1:45.61 in the 200 free, which is the fastest time in the world in 2010 so far. Ryan Lochte, who would be Michael Phelps if not for Phelps himself, had the 2nd fastest time both in the race and in the world this year.

Phelps also won the 200 fly by more than a second, but was unhappy with the race. It was roughly 5 seconds slower than his world record effort, which he set just last year.

Aaron Peirsol, the best backstroker in the world, didn’t have the same type of day. He was upset by Minnesota native David Plummer in the 100 back. Peirsol will still make the team for the Pan Pacific games, but it was the first event at a national championships he hadn’t won since 2000.

In other races, Natalie Coughlin won the 100 back and Allison Schmitt won the 200 free. On Monday, qualifiers were determined in the women’s 100 fly (Christy Magnuson and Dana Vollmer), the mens 400 free (Peter Vanderkaay and Michael Klueh), womens 200 IM (Ariana Kukors and Caitlin Leverenz), mens 100 breaststroke (Mike Alexandrov and Mark Gangloff), women’s 400 free (Katie Hoff and Allison Schmitt), and men’s 400 IM (Ryan Lochte and Tyler Clary)

The nationals continue tomorrow through August 7th