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NBC's London And Vancouver Trailer

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Head over to Fang’s Bites to watch it.

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The Torch Has Arrived In Canada

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Before it begins its 45,000 kilometer journey, the longest route in just one country, the torch must first spend some time in Victoria, its first host. The relay is not off to a good start, however, as the plane carrying it arrived around an hour late.

Many protest groups are expected along the trail. Support for the games has dropped to around 50% in the host province of British Columbia. Protest groups are expected to protest, among other things, poverty, the environment, and aboriginal rights.

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Penguins Captain Crosby To Carry The Torch

October 27, 2009 2 comments

Sidney Crosby, who captained the Pittsburgh Penguins to the 2009 Stanley Cup, will be a torchbearer in the Vancouver 2010 relay. He will be carrying on November 18th in Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to Bell, a sponsor of the torch relay, Crosby was selected “because of his outstanding achievements in hockey and his unbridled passion for his home city, province and country.”

Crosby is originally a native of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

2010 Medals Revealed

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Yeah, I’m way late on this, but the 2010 medal designs have been revealed. A lot of people aren’t a fan, but I like them. Also, the paralympic medals will be pyramid shaped, so that’s cool.

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